FaaS: A new cloud service by Gcore

Users of Gcore Cloud can now run code as a function without creating and maintaining virtual machines.

What is FaaS?

It is a cloud service that lets you run the code without designing and maintaining the runtime environment. The entire server part is divided into functions that are called upon when a certain event occurs (for example, when an HTTP request is received).

As a result, FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) allows you to focus entirely on development without thinking about infrastructure management.

What is serverless computing?

Being the core of FaaS, this method of providing cloud services makes computing resources automatically adjust to your load. You don’t have to rent virtual machines and physical servers or calculate the required capacity. The appropriate amount of resources will be allocated to you automatically. And when some of them are no longer needed, they will be removed automatically.

In serverless computing, the provider is usually responsible for adding, removing, monitoring, and making any other operations with virtual and physical instances. You write and update the code while the IT infrastructure adjusts to your needs on its own.

When is it optimal to use FaaS?

Functionality expansion. FaaS is often used to expand application functionality by creating its own microservices via HTTP API or integrating third-party services via Webhook.

Microservice architecture. Functions are perfectly suited for microservice architecture. It will be even easier to change the code of independent app components. All modifications are made on the fly without stopping the app. At the same time, you don’t need Docker or Kubernetes. Container management will also be done by us.

Reduced time-to-market. Moreover, FaaS is a great solution if you want to release your product as quickly as possible. FaaS significantly reduces time-to-market because your team no longer has to spend time on infrastructure management.

Project scaling. Functions are also great for scaling. FaaS will be the right fit if the load on your apps sharply fluctuates and you have frequent traffic surges. Computing capacity will increase and decrease automatically.

How can FaaS help optimize your costs?

With FaaS, the infrastructure automatically adjusts to your needs. You only use the computing resources that are needed at the moment. Therefore, no resources stand idle: you only pay for the capacity you actually use.

FaaS accelerates the development process and makes it easier to design microservice architecture.

You can focus on your app, and we’ll take care of the infrastructure management needed to run the code.

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