Function-as-a-Service Available to All—Pricing Announced

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Function-as-a-Service Available to All—Pricing Announced

Last year, we presented our innovative new Cloud service: Function (a Function-as-a-Service platform) in its beta phase. Now, we are excited to announce that it has reached general availability and is ready to rock.

What is Function?

Function is a cloud-based, serverless computing service that allows developers to run and update code in a ready-made environment without the need to create virtual machines.

Function accelerates scaling at high load and reduces infrastructure maintenance time.

Function’s key features:

  • Automated scaling
  • DDoS protection
  • Tier III–IV data centers worldwide
  • Python and Go (other popular languages will be supported soon)
  • Professional 24/7 technical support

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Pay only for the resources consumed to execute your code:

RegionPrice per 1Price per 1 mln
Santa Clara€0.00000277€2.77
Additional benefitsPrice
Egress trafficFree

If you have any questions, please contact us. Our experts will be happy to provide detailed explanations and help with configuration.

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