How we improved CDN performance in Dallas

We are actively developing the North American segment of our superfast content delivery network.

In 2019, we launched CDN nodes in Atlanta and Manassas. We now have 12 points of presence in the USA. By the way, you can order a server at five of them.

With the expansion of our geographic footprint, the productivity of our network is also increasing.

In the article “How we significantly improved CDN performance in the USA” that was posted in May we already talked about the reduction of response time in the states of Colorado, New York, and California. Now it’s Texas’ time.

Improved performance in Texas

After the recent restart of the Dallas PoP, we managed to reduce the response time in the state of Texas from 38 to 33 ms.

How we improved CDN performance in Dallas
Response time in Texas by the median (50th percentile) in October 2019

We are experts in speeding up the loading of video games and mobile apps, as well as in broadcasting top-rated events live without delays and buffering in 4K quality across the world.

Do you want your content to be delivered with consistently high speeds across the USA? Try our superfast CDN with one of the most favorable plans.

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