Gcore and Madfinger Games: Revolutionizing the Gaming Market in the Gulf Region

Gcore and Madfinger Games: Revolutionizing the Gaming Market in the Gulf Region

We’re excited to announce our partnership with game developer and publisher Madfinger Games to revolutionize global game releases. Madfinger wanted to release Gray Zone Warfare, an immersive first-person shooter game, in the Gulf region without the complexities of hardware and software setup and management. With Gcore, Madfinger successfully launched Gray Zone Warfare across the Gulf region quickly and seamlessly.

Meeting the Demands of an Emerging Gaming Market

With a total revenue of $580 million in 2024, an annual growth rate of 8.74% and a projected market volume of $741 million by 2027, the gaming market in the Gulf region is rapidly growing. However, as an emerging market with a population of 50 million, gamers typically face longer wait times for releases compared to larger or more established markets. This is because releasing a game traditionally involves costly and time-consuming tasks like hardware preparation, software deployment, and regional setup.

With Gcore, lengthy game releases are no longer an obstacle for gaming companies or their players. Gcore enables gaming companies to launch their games simultaneously in over 25 regions, boosting gaming experiences for players in smaller yet significant markets.

Streamlining Global Game Releases

Gcore addresses the challenge of lengthy regional releases, empowering gaming companies to launch globally and meet growing demand. Madfinger chose Gcore for its comprehensive gaming solution. With 25+ strategic global locations available, Madfinger successfully released Gray Zone Warfare to 18 regions simultaneously, providing a low-latency experience to gamers across the Gulf region.

Powerful and Scalable Infrastructure for Uninterrupted Gaming

At the heart of Gcore’s solution is Gcore Managed Kubernetes, complemented by Agones, a robust open-source orchestration tool. This powerful and customizable combination ensures seamless service provisioning, unmatched reliability, and outstanding performance. Rapid server provisioning ensures that preloaded servers are available the moment demand surges, enabling a fast transition from server request to player connection without interruption.

By choosing Gcore, gaming companies can save costs by automatically scaling infrastructure according to demand. Games can be deployed easily in any of the 25+ available regions with a comprehensive solution for game publishing that includes monitoring, matchmaking, security, and more. Gcore’s unified global infrastructure features optimized edge connectivity and backup systems to increase reliability and availability and ensure continuous operation.

“Gcore turned out to be the perfect fit for Gray Zone Warfare,” said Johanny Clerc-Renaud, Technical Director at Madfinger games. “Gcore’s use of proven technologies like Agones for game server hosting, along with their ownership of hardware, made our setup cost-effective, which is exactly what we needed. Gcore is present in all the key regions we target for Gray Zone Warfare. During the few months leading up to Gray Zone Warfare’s launch, their developer quickly became an integral part of our team. This collaboration was crucial in making Gray Zone Warfare the success it is today.”

Get Your Games Launched Faster Globally with Gcore

Our partnership with Madfinger represents a significant step forward for gaming in the Gulf region. Gcore’s advanced global infrastructure combined with Madfinger’s innovative game development delivers an unparalleled gaming experience. With Gcore, developers can focus on creating exceptional gaming experiences, no longer needing to manage the technical and infrastructure complexities of global game releases.

Looking to launch your games globally without hassle? Get in touch to explore how Gcore can support your gaming business. With a track record of hundreds of successful online game launches, we’re ready to help you win big.

Streamline your global game launch

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