New Media Platform feature set

New Media Platform feature set

Our media platform is constantly improving, and we at Gcore are excited to continue bringing new features on board to create a more comprehensive product so you can deliver your videos in the most effective manner.

1. Logo embedded into a video

Adding your own logo is a standard feature of our player. Usually the logo is used for branding and copyright protection purposes. But in this case, the logo is built into the player and it does not always help: the video can be downloaded separately without the logo.

What has changed?

You can embed the logo right into the video. Even if one can get a direct link to the video file from the player, the logo will still be present, so the client does not have to worry about copyright issues.

How to configure it?

You have to use our custom player (this feature is not included as standard). Add a logo to the player and then write to technical support to enable this feature.

2. Custom title screen for a video

You can now add your own title screen for a specific video. Previously, the title screen was generated from screenshots automatically. Now you can either select a screenshot from the generated images or upload your own file. The feature can be found in the video settings.

3. Search for a video by name

Searching for videos in the list has become more convenient: we have added a full-text search by name.

4. Support for 360 video

We can support 360 video now. Upload a file in this format and then write to technical support to activate the feature.

The video will become a full-fledged panorama with a 360-degree view.

Experience these new features and enhancements for Media Platform by Gcore or try it if you haven’t already.

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