New service: Custom software development

New service: Custom software development

Over the years of designing and supporting high-load systems, we have accumulated an extensive experience in software development and infrastructure solutions from building our own data centers and operating the services to the API design and front-end development.

So we decided to start developing custom software. In addition, such requests came from our customers who were looking for a custom functionality.

New service: Custom software development

Why is it profitable?

Full-cycle development. We are ready to provide full-cycle software development services from IT consulting to implementation and technical support of ready-made solutions.

Cost reduction. You can save significantly, since there is no need to hire in-house staff programmers and to invest in infrastructure.

Latest technologies. We are closely watching the way the industry is moving, so we have experts in all popular development technologies.

Quality assurance. We will implement your project on time and with quality assurance.

How we work?

  1. Carry out pre-project analysis. Estimate project cost and sign the contract.
  2. Draw up a detailed specification and select experts to fulfill tasks. Choose a design methodology or adapt to yours.
  3. Design system interface based on business logic.
  4. Program and test the functionality of the system.
  5. Implement software. Prepare user documentation and provide post-release technical support.

If necessary, after each project, we continue to work on new features or improvements.

How to calculate the cost of development?

To find out the approximate cost of development for your project, please send a request from the page of the service.

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