Purge. Purge some or all files from the CDN resource cache

Why purge the cache?
Purge in the control panel:
        • Purge all 
        • Purge by pattern

Why purge the cache?

You need to clear the cache of CDN servers when you have renewed all content (or part of the content), or when data is not displayed correctly.

There are 2 ways to clear the cache:

  • Via API. Read more about it in the API documentation.
  • In the control panel. Follow the instructions below.

Purge in the control panel

1. Open the list of your CDN resources and go to the Purge section. 


A new page opens. Do the remaining steps in it. 


2.  Select the CDN resource from the drop-down list. The cache will be purged only for the selected resource.

3. Select the purge method that you would like to use:

  • Purge all is the option for a complete purge. Read about it in the section below
  • Purge by pattern is the option for a selective purge. Fill in the field according to the instructions below

4. Press the Purge button. 

Purge calls limitations:

  • You can make 1 purge request per minute.
  • One purge request is limited to 10 patterns.

A request for a purge will be formed within one minute. Then it will be sent to the CDN servers. Purging time depends on the number of files/paths and usually does not take longer than 15 minutes.

Purge All

When you purge all files from the cache, CDN servers will pull them from the origin. It may cause a significant load on your server. If you have a large amount of content, we recommend using our API.

Purge by pattern

In the input line, specify the path to the file you want to purge or a path pattern without a domain name.  Use the * operator, which replaces any number of symbols in your path (you can use several * operators in one request). A path must start with the / or the * symbols.  Each path must be on a separate line.

If you don’t specify a query string, files with all the possible query strings will be purged from the cache according to the path pattern.

Several types of patterns are available:

Type and explanation Purge target Purge pattern

1. Purge the selected file

Specify a file path without a domain name.

As a result, all files at cdn.site/static/image.jpg will be purged,     including files with query string .jpg?VERSION.

If you want to purge only a selected file with a query string, specify it in the file path: /static/image.jpg?VERSION




2. Purge the group of files from one folder

Input pattern without a domain name and * operator: /statiс/*

cdn.site/static /statiс/*

3. Purge the group of files with a certain type 

Input the * operator and the file name extension .jpg

As a result, all the jpg files will be purged, including files with the query string .jpg?VERSION

cdn.site/*.jpg *.jpg

4. Purge the group of files having a common folder in the path

Input path pattern without a domain name and use the * operator twice

cdn.site/*/static/* */static/*

5. Purge the group of files with a certain type having a common folder in the path

Input path pattern with the * operator

cdn.site/*/static/*.jpg */static/*.jpg


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