How we helped Dutch TV project Gamekings restart and monetize their content

About Blammo Media’s project Gamekings

Gamekings is the largest gaming community in the Netherlands. A popular TV show under the same name has been running on Comedy Central and other networks for the past 15 years.
On an everyday basis, hosts video clips with news, discussions, reviews, and other content related to the gaming lifestyle.

Over the past three years, the creators of Gamekings had been forced to deal with a steady decline in advertising revenue. At the same time, Adblock usage across users had grown by more than 90%, thus substantially destroying their only source of income.

“Two years ago, we switched to a new model based on a premium subscription. We reduced costs and realized that we had to completely rethink our approach to business,” said Boris van de Ven, CEO of the company. “At that time, it seemed obvious to choose a free hosting solution such as YouTube or Vimeo. However, we faced problems related to the conditions of their service.”

Blammo TV

Crucial factor in choosing the broadcasting vendor

The search for partners never stopped. The Dutch were looking for a new, flexible platform to host their content.

“Our business model required us to quickly create new features and to change revenue models when necessary. We were looking for a vendor that would help us make this happen,” added Boris van de Ven.

Gcore’ platform seemed to be the most optimal solution on the market for Gamekings since the server is located in Amsterdam, where most of the show’s audience is. Additionally, the company has expertise in providing video hosting, which was very important for the client.

The decisive factor was the flexibility in experimenting with new approaches to content monetization.

“Gcore met all our requirements. That’s why we settled with you,” said Boris van de Ven.

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