Revolutionizing Online Education in India: The Success Story of FliQi and Gcore Collaboration

Revolutionizing Online Education in India: The Success Story of FliQi and Gcore Collaboration

Online education has become a cornerstone for knowledge acquisition in the fast-paced, digital-first era. However, ensuring seamless content delivery and interaction can pose significant challenges for EdTech platforms. This is the story of how FliQi, a leading Indian EdTech platform, overcame these hurdles with the help of Gcore, a premier provider of video streaming infrastructure.

FliQi: Challenges Faced

As an innovative educational platform, FliQi’s mission was to provide affordable, quality education to every student, regardless of geographical location. Their unique LPAR (Learn, Practice, Analyze, and Recommendation) model aimed to ensure the long-term retention of concepts by incorporating tests at the end of every lecture. However, despite their commitment and innovative approach, they faced a few daunting challenges:

  • Scalability: FliQi’s rapid growth led to an increasing need for infrastructure that could support millions of learners simultaneously.
  • Latency: Real-time interaction between learners and educators is critical in an online learning environment. However, FliQi struggled with latency issues, impacting the user experience.
  • Cost Management: FliQi needed a cost-effective solution to deliver high-quality video content without escalating operational costs.
  • Ease of Access: With a diverse user base accessing content from various devices and bandwidth environments, FliQi needed to ensure universal accessibility and usability.
FliQi online learning platform

Gcore’s Solution

Recognizing Gcore’s robust video streaming infrastructure, FliQi decided to embark on a collaborative journey to address these challenges:

  • Scalable Infrastructure: Gcore’s platform allowed FliQi to scale seamlessly, accommodating an increase from a single viewer to over 100 million active viewers worldwide. This capacity ensured that FliQi’s growth and expanding user base never encountered limitations on their learning journey.
  • Low-latency Streaming: With Gcore’s infrastructure, FliQi provides real-time, low-latency video streaming. This feature enhanced the interactive learning experience by enabling students to follow lectures in real-time and interact smoothly.
  • Cost Efficiency: Gcore’s pricing model allowed FliQi only to pay for the exact amount of minutes streamed, reducing costs without compromising video quality. This flexible and affordable approach enabled FliQi to manage its financial resources more effectively.
  • Universal Accessibility: Gcore’s platform ensured easy and instant access to content across various devices and bandwidth environments. This facilitated a user-friendly experience for FliQi’s diverse user base, making quality education accessible.

Impacts of the Collaboration

The synergy between Gcore and FliQi revolutionized the online educational experience for students across India. By harnessing Gcore’s powerful streaming platform, FliQi could provide a seamless and engaging learning experience, ensuring their content was accessible, secure, and tailored to their users’ needs.

FliQi harnessed the power of Gcore’s technology in several ways:

  • Live Streams: FliQi uses Gcore for live classes, providing real-time, interactive learning experiences.
  • Video Hosting: Utilizing Gcore’s infrastructure, FliQi ensured seamless, high-quality video streaming for its users.
  • Video-on-Demand (VOD): Live classes were recorded simultaneously for later access, ensuring flexible learning opportunities for students and enhancing the reach and utility of every session conducted.


The success of the Gcore and FliQi collaboration illustrates the transformative power of innovative technology in education. It exemplifies how a robust video streaming infrastructure can address traditional challenges in online learning, facilitating an improved, interactive, and inclusive educational experience. The partnership between Gcore and FliQi highlights their strengths and underscores such collaborations’ potential in revolutionizing online education. As we move forward, this collaborative model serves as an inspiration, marking the way toward a more dynamic and engaging future of learning.

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