Enhancing Web Performance and Reliability with Gcore Edge Network

Enhancing Web Performance and Reliability with Gcore Edge Network

Gcore Edge Network provides jsDelivr, a free open-source CDN with unlimited CDN bandwidth, reliable DNS hosting, and on-the-fly image optimization service.

About jsDelivr

jsDelivr is a free and open-source CDN that helps developers to deliver their projects faster and more efficiently. It serves as a library of various popular open-source projects, making it easy for developers to access and use them in their projects. The platform also provides a valuable service to the open-source community by helping to make the Internet a better place.

Why is it important? As the number of Internet users continues to grow, the demand for faster and more reliable web pages also increases. jsDelivr helps to meet this demand by providing developers with a free and efficient way to deliver their projects to users around the world.

The Challenge

To meet the growing demand for faster and more reliable web pages, jsDelivr faces the constant challenge of improving its services for developers and users.

A key component of this effort is a multi-CDN service, which ensures that content is delivered from the fastest and most reliable CDN based on the user’s location. However, managing multiple CDN providers and ensuring the best possible source for content delivery is not easy.

To improve its multi-CDN strategy, jsDelivr has adopted the basic idea of adding additional CDN providers to its system, particularly in locations that its current set of providers cannot cover efficiently.

This approach leads to increased performance, stability, and smoother service for customers. Reliable and resilient DNS services are critical for the success of a multi-CDN service, and jsDelivr heavily relies on such services to make its load balancing smoother and more stable.

The Solution

About CDN

The principal Gcore’s contribution to the jsDelivr’s multi-CDN system is unlimited CDN bandwidth with exceptional coverage in some regions like South America, Africa, and South Asia.

Moreover, with a strong presence in Europe, Gcore significantly improved the content delivery capabilities in the region, minimizing any possibilities for performance degradation.

About DNS

To make the jsDelivr’s multi-CDN balancing more smooth and more reliable, Gcore provided it with DNS hosting services with extended GeoDNS functionality. JsDelivr picked 108 Gcore’s DNS PoPs to strengthen the existing set of DNS providers.

It made possible to lower the load on the existing DNS providers and improve the availability of systems at the same time.

“We are excited to welcome Gcore as our partner. Their powerful platform for edge optimization will help us to improve the performance and stability of our services for our users.”

Martin Kolarik

Core Developer of jsDelivr

About Image Stack

An additional bonus that Gcore brings to jsDelivr is an image optimization tool that allows users to substantially reduce the size of delivering image assets.

This tool can convert your conventional JPG and PNG files into modern WebP and AVIF formats, apply crop and resize edits, and set the general quality of the transferring images.

In the official announcement, jsDelivr declares that this tool turned 1.2 MB PNG file into 69 KB image transferred as AVIF content type—94% traffic savings with no visual degradation.

The Results

For the best performance, jsDelivr leveraged Gcore to enhance its reliability, potentially increasing users’ confidence and loyalty towards this open-source service. By utilizing jsDelivr’s global network of servers, users can optimize their website’s content delivery.

Next-gen CDN

More stable multi-CDN: The participation of Gcore Edge Network in jsDelivr’s multi-CDN system has improved the performance of the network in certain regions. Furthermore, as jsDelivr expanded to more new regions, it increased the network’s performance and availability, resulting in an even better user experience.

DNS Hosting

More reliable and resilient DNS service: Gcore Edge Network serves as an additional DNS provider, providing more reliable and stable services for jsDelivr’s users. Now, all processing DNS queries are allocated to three DNS providers instead of two, and the overall number of DNS pops has increased to more than 160. DNS hosting is particularly important because it determines which CDN server will handle a user’s request based on the user’s geographic location.

Image Stack

Additional feature for Image processing and delivery: Gcore Edge Network’s image optimization feature provides additional value to jsDelivr users’ performance and workflow, and as a result, the jsDelivr’s website is now utilizing this service to reduce the image size and improve overall web performance.

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