Bare metal servers in Almaty

Bare metal servers in Almaty

Our bare metal servers are already available in 12 different locations. Now we’re launching another one in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Almaty is our first bare metal region in Central Asia. Because of this new location, there will be more opportunities for business development in the region, and delays in content delivery to end users will be reduced.

Bare metal servers in Almaty

What features are already available?

Use stock images or import your own. Use app templates from the marketplace.

Take snapshots for data disaster recovery.

Create virtual cloud networks and set up private clusters for computing or isolating applications.

Distribute the loads with balancers.

Manage cloud infrastructure of any scale by creating configuration files with our Terraform provider.

Available configurations

Two configurations are currently available in Almaty:

  • Processor: Intel E-2288G. RAM: 64 GB. Drive: 2 × 480 GB SSD. Connection: 2 × 1 GbE.
  • Processor: 2 × Intel 4214R. RAM: 128 GB. Drive: 2 × 960 GB SSD. Connection: 2 × 1 GbE.

Other options will be available soon.

Plans for the near future

We continue to expand the presence of our Cloud. We plan to open locations with bare metal servers in Hong Kong and Chicago next.

We will also add automatic deployment of Kubernetes clusters for container orchestration and the option for centralized logging.

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