Gcore Announces 50K Free Minutes for Real-Time Video Conferencing

Gcore Announces 50K Free Minutes for Real-Time Video Conferencing

Gcore is constantly working to improve its user experience. We are dedicated to ensuring that video engineers and developers can sign up and test all of our features, with sufficient free minutes available for product evaluation. Today, we are updating our Streaming pricing model by adding 50,000 free minutes for real-time video conferencing for all users, credited on a monthly basis.

Here’s how Gcore Streaming compares to other IaaS and PaaS video streaming providers:

  • Agora offers only the first 10,000 minutes free monthly—Gcore offers 5x more.
  • Zoom also offers just 10,000 session minutes per month.
  • Twilio’s free minutes are only valid for one-to-one calls, not group calls—Gcore’s minutes apply to individual and group calls.

Let’s see what 50,000 minutes means in real use cases:

  • 2,500 free, one-to-one, twenty minute video chats for dating apps
  • 165 free, one-hour long, corporate video meetings with five participants
  • 8 free, one-hour long webinars with one host and 100 viewers

Gcore offers all users 50,000 free minutes per month for video conferencing. After that, pricing scales by number of users and minutes in a meeting room, with a model of €0.003 per participant per minute.

Why choose Gcore Real-Time Video Conferencing integration?

Our one-stop solution improves the customer experience with video communication, helping you to better serve your clients. We provide free adaptive bitrate encoding that counts the length of the original video only. No gigabytes, extra payment for transcoded qualities, or pre-paid commitments. Only pay for the minutes you use.

Other advantages include:

  • Seamless integration with your website or application, delivering life-like video interactions into your app
  • Real-time collaboration for up to 300 participants, over high-quality, stutter-free video regardless of users’ devices, network quality, or the total number of participants on the call, with technical edge-cases like network switching, latency, and packet loss handled out-of-the-box
  • Support for all browsers on desktops, smartphones, and tablets
  • Clients do not need to sign up to participate in a video call
  • Private meeting rooms secured with a PIN code
  • Ability to install on your server
  • Branding and customization options by adding UI components like logos, buttons, and built-in chatbox
  • Screen sharing in high definition

Improve your customer experience and increase sales with video calls integrated directly into your solution.

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