Hello again, world! Meet our new name: Gcore

We Are Gcore

Due to continuing growth in demand for cloud and edge services, we are in the intense process of the company’s transformation. To mark the shift to the next level of our development, we decided to refresh our brand name and logo. Let’s look back at our brand evolution and discover why we’ve become Gcore.

Our Brand Origins

We started out in 2014 as a European IaaS startup that provided low-latency infrastructure on a global scale for game developers and publishers. At the time, the name Gcore Labs was logical: Gaming at the Core + Labs for the place where experts in high-load systems research and develop better network solutions.

None of that has changed: We’re still inspired by the demanding needs of the gaming industry, we’re still a team of experts seeking excellence, and we’re still providing our core service. So why the rebrand?

Why We Rebranded

Due to the growing number of self-registered customers in recent years, we have become increasingly focused on providing a broad range of user-friendly cloud and edge services. Our vision is to bring to life reliable, performant, and secure products—but they also need to be UX/UI-optimized, simply managed, and ready to rock in a few clicks. We’ve expanded far beyond our gaming beginnings to serve a wider customer base.

Moreover, over the years we have heard and seen how our brand name has been used by our team, customers, and partners. In most cases, the name was abbreviated to Gcore, GCore or GCORE. And you were right! Gcore Labs was too long in our speedy world. That’s why we decided to formally adopt Gcore as our name, shortening our trademark and logo while maintaining our established identity.

Here’s our logo design evolution over the years:


The eclipsing G over the red-hot core may evoke a variety of associations, but we put a fairly simple meaning into it: your growth, global expansion, and presence, with a bit of help from us at Gcore.

Go Global Faster

“Go global faster” is our existing tagline that still reflects the essence of our brand. No matter where in the world you and your users are located, we’re ready to provide low-latency content delivery, cloud computing, and DDoS protection to help you grow, prosper, and enter new markets and industries to attract new customers.

Conclusion… Or New Beginning!

With the refresh of the Gcore brand, we started a new chapter of our global company. This fall, we will introduce a new website, UX/UI updates for the control panel of our edge cloud platform, and some other new features. Stay tuned! This is just the beginning for our journey together.

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