How to get 1 TB of object storage for €6

For prompt and uninterrupted access to web services store the data on our storage servers in Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Miami, and Singapore.

How to get 1 TB of object storage for
Gcore cloud object storage locations

Who uses storage and for what purposes?

Video game developers and publishers store back-end platforms for rapid connection and free testing without capital investments in infrastructure.

Developers of high-load services use storage for reliable and rapid access to data.

Providers of multimedia online services maintain availability of video hosting sites, image banks and other services with data replication provided by storage.

Technical advantages

  • Support for SFTP and SSH protocols
  • Flexible rsync synchronization
  • Connecting to a storage by using public SSH key or password
  • Amazon S3 compatible API
  • 24/7 technical support

How to sign up for storage on favorable terms?

Sign up for any number of our services for a total of €250 or more and get €6 per 1 TB of cloud storage for the duration of the contract. The offer is valid for new customers only.

Storage plans

Store any amount of data of any type on our servers. Ensure the availability of web services and rapid scalability.

Sign up for storage

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