Change Host Header

The host header is the request header that CDN servers use when requesting content from the origin. Usually, the host header matches the value of the Pull content from field. 

To manage this option for the already created resource, in the Advanced settings find and enable the Change Host header option.


There are two variants of configuring the host header:

  • Custom Host header option is selected by default when creating a resource. When creating a resource, the value of the host header option is automatically substituted from the Pull content from field. You can enter your own host header value.

Please, note! If you change the origin source after the resource creation, the custom host header does not change automatically. 

  • Choose the Forward Host header option if is important to send in the request to the Origin the same Host header as was sent in the request to CDN server.


How to check the Host header

In the terminal (MacOS) or in the cmd (Microsoft), enter the command:

curl -I -k -H "" — the header specified in the Change Host Header option — your domain name or original IP

If you received a 400 Bad Request or 403 Forbidden Response errors in a response, your server cannot process the specified header.

Check the value you set.  



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