Gcore becomes an Equinix Gold Partner

Gcore becomes an Equinix Gold Partner

We are pleased to announce Gcore has reached Gold Partner status with Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company.

With this distinction, Gcore is recognized as a key Secure Edge & Cloud partner in the Equinix Partner Program, which helps us provide integrated, low-latency services around the world, trusted by large online organizations wherever they choose to operate.

How does our partnership with the world’s digital infrastructure provider help us build solutions for your Metaverse?

Gcore and Equinix have worked together for many years, with Gcore initially taking space in an Equinix International Business Exchange™ data center in Frankfurt. The partnership has developed, and Gcore now operates across 4 continents with Equinix, serving our customer’s needs across EMEA, Asia-Pacific and LATAM markets, with a rapid trajectory to expand even further.

Gcore is recognized as an Equinix Gold Partner, marked as a key provider of global Cloud and Edge solutions for the world’s digital infrastructure company. Together with Equinix, we provide an ecosystem of flexible infrastructure solutions with points of presence around the world.

Gcore becomes an Equinix Gold Partner

What solutions do we offer in partnership with Equinix?

Gcore hardware is deployed in 25+ Equinix data centers in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and other cities. These points of presence are the server clusters of our key products: CDN, cloud with virtual machines and physical servers (bare metal), and DDoS Protection.

We also offer to host hardware in any of Equinix’s 235+ data centers.

Using our solutions, we can help clients implement a distributed Cloud and Edge architecture to create a Metaverse digital infrastructure.

What are the benefits of our partnership?

Together with Equinix, we make it easier for businesses to enter new markets, implement a cloud-first strategy and simplify the work of complex IT products with a wide and geographically dispersed auditory.

“Our long-standing partnership with Equinix began with a lease of space in a Frankfurt data center. This was key for us, as Equinix data centers are PCI DSS and ISO 27001 compliant, offer a high standard of sustainability, ensure 99.999% uptime and guarantee reliability for our customers. Since then, we have actively expanded our partnership and now work together on four continents, serving EMEA, Asia-Pacific and LATAM markets. This enables Gcore customers to use reliable cloud solutions with points of presence around the world. This approach forms the basis of our metaverse strategy, in which we continue to build infrastructure capacity and provide solutions to run VR projects, metaverses and other products with heavy content and geographically dispersed audiences.”

CEO of Gcore

Andre Reitenbach

“Our partnership with Gcore provides a reliable and flexible solution for customers looking for a platform where they can connect with their users, customers or suppliers, with the low-latency their business demands. Gcore’s expertise, service quality and global reach is a real added value to our ecosystem.”

Manager, Partner Accounts, Benelux

Eric Bruins

We provide our customers with cloud capacity for expansion into new markets, business growth and cost-effective operation of even the most complex IT products. With our services, you can even build your own multiverse in VR space.

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