Our Terraform provider is verified by HashiCorp

This year, we launched our own Terraform provider so that you can manage our Cloud, CDN, and DNS by creating configuration files.

It’s been recently tested by HashiCorp and is now on the Terraform Registry’s verified providers list.

Our Terraform provider is verified by HashiCorp
Terraform provider by Gcore

What is Terraform and what is it for?

Terraform is an open-source tool developed by HashiCorp in 2014. It allows you to manage infrastructures of any scale on the basis of the Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) principle by creating configuration files.

The tool has a declarative approach—you only need to describe how everything should be configured, and Terraform will bring everything to the required state through API calls.

Our Terraform provider is verified by HashiCorp
How Terraform works

The programming language in Terraform is HashiCorp Configuration Language, but you can use JSON if you prefer.

Pros of Terraform:

  • Facilitates infrastructure management. You do not need to configure anything manually via your personal account or API. You manage your infrastructure as a code.
  • Terraform is based on the concept of immutable infrastructure—by changing the code, you create a new configuration. This means that any changes can be easily rolled back by selecting the previous version.
  • It is a universal tool supported by many cloud service providers. With it, you can easily use multi-cloud and multi-CDN.

Benefits of Terraform provider verification

Terraform provider for Gcore Cloud management appeared in the beginning of 2021. Later, we added the ability to manage our CDN and DNS with it.

Our provider has been successfully verified. This means that HashiCorp has tested it and confirmed that it meets the technical requirements and is suitable for managing our infrastructure.

How to work with Terraform in the Gcore infrastructure?

You can read the basic information about working with Terraform in our articles “Why you need Terraform” and “How to manage CDN with Terraform”.

You can find the most complete information on using the tool in the documentation.


  1. Terraform is an infrastructure-as-code tool that allows you to manage your infrastructure through a set of configuration files.
  2. We have our own Terraform provider that has been recently verified by HashiCorp and received the official status.
  3. With its help, you can easily manage our Cloud, CDN, and DNS.

Use the powerful and technological services of Gcore for fast and smooth operation of your applications and manage them through convenient tools: Terraform, API, or an all-in-one panel.

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