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G-Core Labs Cloud bare metal servers: what they are and how they work

Bare metal servers are one of G-Core Labs’ cloud services. They provide extensive opportunities to utilize processing capacities and manage infrastructure.

In this article, we will analyze bare metal servers, their features and advantages and speak about the configurations, locations, and features of our servers.

What are bare metal servers?

A bare metal server (or a dedicated server) is a physical server that a client rents from the cloud provider in full.

They are not to be confused with virtual machines: with the latter, you only rent a part of computing capacities, and other clients use the server resources together with you. On the other hand, when purchasing a bare metal server, you get the machine in your full control and don’t have to share its capacities with anyone.

You can install any OS or protocol and use the computing capacities to solve any tasks.

Main advantages of bare metal servers

  1. Full control. The entire machine is at your disposal, so you can install any software, adopt any protocols, and use all of its resources in any way you want.
  2. Predictable capacity. You’re not sharing the server, and its capabilities, with anyone else.
  3. Greater safety. You can introduce your own safety rules or protection technologies. And since the resource is isolated from other users, the risk that anyone will be able to access your data is also lower.
  4. Lower latency. When renting a physical server, you get direct access to network cards, which lowers processing time.

A bare metal server is definitely more powerful than a virtual machine, but don’t forget: the more resources there are, the higher the cost.

Before renting a dedicated server, make sure you really need it: evaluate how much capacity is actually necessary for you.

If your project is not very massive, perhaps a virtual machine will suffice.

What bare metal services does G-Core Labs Cloud have?

We can offer different server configurations for different tasks:

  • High-quality single-socket platforms based on Intel Xeon E-2288G and its analogs. The high clock frequency allows the machine to process many operations per second. These servers would be a good fit for anyone who primarily needs a quick processor.
  • More powerful infrastructure server platforms based on Intel Xeon Silver 4214R and Intel Xeon Silver 5220R. Excellent suitability for high-load infrastructure applications or internal virtualization.

We closely cooperate with AMD as well. Our server portfolio includes configurations with AMD Epyc and Ryzen processors.

If you’re not sure what server would be the best fit for your project, ask our managers for a consultation. They will tell you in detail about different configurations and help you select the optimal solution.

Сore features of our bare metal servers

The bare metal servers offer the entire range of our cloud services.

  1. Integration with cloud services. You can create a hybrid IT landscape, where virtual machines and physical servers can be integrated into a joint private network to optimally distribute load.
  2. Load balancing. With the use of cloud load balancers, you can distribute traffic between various cloud resources.
  3. Marketplace. You can install and use app templates or ready services from the marketplace.
  4. DDoS protection on the network and transport layers.
  5. Integration with CDN. You can connect our CDN to the cloud to speed up content delivery to end users in any point of the world. You can also connect our other products: Streaming Platform and Storage. These services can also be managed from the convenient control panel.

Besides, in the nearest future, we are planning to launch a manageable database service, central logging, Kubernetes container management, and desktop virtualization.

How to manage Bare Metal servers

We offer broad opportunities in cloud resource management:

  • Order and delete bare metal servers. After your order, a new machine will be ready for use within a few minutes.
  • Connect servers into networks and subnetworks.
  • Set up private clusters for computation or apps isolation.
  • Divide your resources into projects within a single cloud account.
  • Provide access to resources and projects to different teams.
  • Provide different access rights to different users.
  • Manage your resource consumption and your budget.

There are three ways to manage your bare metal servers:

  1. Through a single, intuitive control panel.
  2. Via API.
  3. By creating config files in our Terraform provider. You can read more about this way of management in our article “Why you need Terraform”.

Regions where our bare metal servers are available

At the moment, you can get a dedicated server in 13 different locations:

  • Luxembourg
  • Manassas
  • Khabarovsk
  • Santa Clara
  • Frankfurt
  • Amsterdam
  • Almaty
  • Singapore
  • Istanbul
  • Tokyo
  • Paris

In the nearest future, we are planning to launch points of presence in Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, São Paulo, and Johannesburg.

G-Core Labs Cloud bare metal servers: what they are and how they work

How to connect G-Core Labs Cloud bare metal servers

If you’re already connected to our cloud, you can order a dedicated server in your personal account.

New users have to register first.


  1. A bare metal server (or a dedicated server) is a physical server that a client rents from the provider in its entirety.
  2. Unlike virtual machines, dedicated servers provide better control over the hardware, predictable computing power, and lower latency. Since they’re an isolated resource, they’re also considered safer.
  3. G-Core Labs Cloud has different configurations to solve different tasks. There are high-frequency machines for the projects that require quick processing power and stronger infrastructural server platforms for heavier apps and internal virtualization.
  4. Together with servers, you can use the entire feature set of our cloud: connect an AI platform, balance load, connect apps from the catalog or integrate the cloud with our other products.
  5. Dedicated servers can be purchased, deleted, connected into networks, or joined into private clusters, divided into projects and set up to provide various access levels for different team members. The entire infrastructure can be managed through a single personal account, API, or through a Terraform provider.
  6. Bare metal servers are available in 13 locations, and we’re planning to add four more in the nearest future.
  7. You can order a server in your personal account.

Connect dedicated servers and use the opportunities of our strong and reliable infrastructure to test new products and release them to the market faster and at a lower cost.

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