How we launched one of the fastest DNS services in the world

How we launched one of the fastest DNS services in the world

We are launching an open beta test for our own DNS service. This service will help to speed up the Internet connection and provide web security regardless of the user’s location. To achieve this, we implemented GeoDNS and Anycast.

How we launched one of the fastest DNS services in the world

GeoDNS. This feature allows different IP addresses to be sent depending on the user’s location. For example, for websites with a geographically diverse set of visitors, you can segment traffic, send visitors to certain servers, and block access to visitors from specific countries or regions. At the same time, during peak times, DNS hosting with a geotag balancing feature also helps cope with loads and direct client traffic not only to the nearest location but to any available Gcore server, regardless of location.

How we launched one of the fastest DNS services in the world

Anycast. It’s a routing scheme by which different servers can respond to the same IP address. Anycast is a prerequisite for the smooth operation of a website. If there is no response (or one of the servers breaks down), the network equipment redirects the request to an available server. In addition, Anycast helps mitigate the impact of DDoS attacks by distributing requests across a group of servers.

The Gcore DNS is one of the fastest in the world

Gcore DNS servers are located in more than 60 cities around the world. According to the DNS Performance independent testing service, Gcore is ahead of most DNS providers in the world with an average response time of about 21 ms.

How we launched one of the fastest DNS services in the world
Comparison of DNS performance in August 2020 (according to DNS Performance)

“We’ve been using our own DNS since the launch of the Gcore global content delivery network. Even back then, in order to deliver content to users quickly and correctly, we needed stable DNS servers. At the same time, balancing DNS by geolocation was intended for internal use only and was one of our competitive advantages. Today, the Gcore global infrastructure spans 5 continents and has more than 100 points of presence. Since then, the team has automated the most popular DNS features in the market and, thanks to good network connectivity, has achieved one of the highest performance indicators in the world.”

Vice President of Products at Gcore

Dmitry Samoshkin

How to connect to a high-speed DNS for free

Gcore DNS hosting will be in demand for any Internet business that has a critical need for web resource availability and low latency: online retail, media, video games, online cinemas, and SaaS services.

You can test a personal DNS service account for free. Simply configure and manage resource records.

To connect for free, please send a request to

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