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Asian companies show interest in Streaming Platform by G-Core Labs

Asian companies show interest in Streaming Platform by G-Core Labs

At the end of June at a major IT exhibition ConnectTechAsia in Singapore we presented Streaming Platform by G-Core Labs.

We have seen a growing demand from Asian companies for arranging video conferences, webcasts and adaptive delivery of video on demand.

Asian companies show interest in Streaming Platform by G-Core Labs

“We took part in ConnectTechAsia for the first time and immediately noted the interest from Asian companies to our solution for delivery of broadcasts and video on demand. Companies are looking for comfortable and favorable providers of multiple services (for example, streaming + CDN). They also pay attention to the experience in delivering content internationally.”

Regional Manager at G-Core Labs

Elena Simon

Streaming Platform by G-Core Labs stood out from the proposals of other companies that could not provide a platform with the same multi-purpose functionality. But along with integration of transcoding with CDN and player our strengths include a well-developed network segment in the Asia-Pacific region.

We are ready to withstand high traffic volumes during live broadcasts thanks to cache servers CDN in Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.

We presented Streaming Platform in Asia for the first time, whereas our other products are already known here. Hosting by G-Core Labs has gained popularity in South Korea and China.

Following the exhibition, for the convenience of our new clients we are thinking of opening a G-Core Labs office in Singapore.

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