Gcore is in the Top 5 CDN providers, according to G2

Gcore is in the Top 5 CDN providers, according to G2

We’re proud to announce that Gcore CDN has been recognized as one of the best solutions in the world by G2, one of the most trusted software marketplaces that bases its ratings on responses from real software buyers. Our CDN made it into the following 5 reports for Fall 2022:

  • Relationship Index
  • Grid® Report
  • Europe Regional Grid®
  • Small-Business Grid®
  • Mid-Market Grid®

Gcore is in the Top 5 CDN providers, according to G2

In all of these reports, Gcore CDN ranks among the top five companies in the world. Let’s see the details.

#1 in the Relationship Index

The Relationship Scoring Methodology rates products and vendors based on reviews collected from the marketplace user community and data gathered from online sources and social networks.

The following factors influence the Relationship score:

  • Customer satisfaction with the ease of doing business with the product
  • Customer satisfaction with the quality of support
  • The customer response to the “Likely to Recommend” question on G2

A unique, patent-pending algorithm processes this data to calculate the product’s Relationship score. The result: Gcore CDN ranks 1st among 22 providers, including the largest companies in the world!

Gcore is in the Top 5 CDN providers, according to G2

Our CDN is so popular because we always help our users 24/7. The Gcore support team responds quickly to requests, which is why users treat our CDN better than any other. Just see what they say:

“I’ve used Gcore VPS before. It’s stable and affordable. The most important thing is that its customer service is very responsive. I once submitted a service ticket for a credit card payment problem and was surprised that there were 5 customer service agents responding to the problem in a very timely manner. I tried the CDN service later, and it works just as well as its VPS. Plus, the price is a big advantage,” comments Alex I., Operations Engineer.

#4 in Grid® Report

The Grid Report includes all major CDN providers. It is based on more than 150 reviews across the category. All products are rated on their market presence and user satisfaction, which are based on a variety of criteria:

  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business?
  • CMS Integration
  • API
  • SSL
  • and others

There are 29 vendors from around the world that are rated in this report, including Amazon, Microsoft, Akamai, and others. Gcore is ranked 4th among them!

Gcore is in the Top 5 CDN providers, according to G2

This was made possible by constantly opening new Points-of-Presence (PoPs) and developing the UI and product features, including integration with CMS, API, the issuance of free SSL, and others.

The fastest global CDN I’ve ever used. For us, Gcore is the best service. They helped us improve our network performance in Latin America and Japan, which was very important for us. And the price is amazing, as well. The previous provider was so expensive, but thanks to Gcore, we were able to reduce our costs,” comments Gleb Grigorian, Director of Global Business Development at Wargaming.

#2 in Europe Regional Grid® Report

Only companies whose ratings were submitted by European G2 users participate in this report. The same methodologies as in the Grid® Report are used to evaluate the products. In Europe, Gcore CDN is ranked #2!

Gcore is in the Top 5 CDN providers, according to G2

This didn’t come as a surprise to us. Gcore is headquartered in Luxembourg, and we have many CDN PoPs in Europe and one of the best average latency scores in this region. We’re happy that the feedback from our users confirms this.

“Gcore offers a truly extensive network. They have great speed all over the world, especially in Europe, comments Julia T., accountant.

#3 in Small-Business Grid® Report

If you look at Grid® reports by segment size, the same Grid® scoring methodology applies. However, the review data for this report only comes from users who work at companies with 1–50 employees. Gcore CDN is ranked #3 among 16 other providers for businesses of this size!

Gcore is in the Top 5 CDN providers, according to G2

We achieved these results due to the availability of our CDN for small businesses and our affordable pricing plans. We believe that everyone should have access to the best possible internet infrastructure, and our services are one way we can help make that a reality.

“I have been using Gcore’s CDN service for quite a while. I really love the great user experiences, and the price is quite affordable, comments an administrator at a small business.

#4 in Mid-Market Grid® Report

In this report, G2 determines the rating of CDNs based on reviews from users employed by companies with 51–1,000 employees. Our support team, CDN features, and pricing policy put us in 4th place!

Gcore is in the Top 5 CDN providers, according to G2

“We started using Gcore with a test plan and stayed with them. I have never seen such a stable service before. I am pleased with the number of points of presence, high loading speed, and their personal account interface. Everything is simple and convenient, plus there is a simple and straightforward setup manual, and, of course, friendly technical support in case of emergencies,” comments an employee at a mid-market company.

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