How Zumidian migrated the infrastructure of the Danish game studio Reto Moto to Gcore while maintaining service availability for players

How Zumidian migrated the infrastructure of the Danish game studio Reto Moto to Gcore while maintaining service availability for players

The migration of any technology while maintaining 24/7 availability is always a difficult process, even more so when millions of gamers want to play at all times.

Planning this type of change is not something to be taken lightly. Yet, the end result is an improved gameplay experience, regardless of the motive for having done such an action, which may include one of the following reasons:

  • upgrading outdated equipment;
  • reducing costs;
  • consolidating from several different providers to a single provider for support and administration reasons.

In a furiously competitive online video game market, downtime affects game revenue and customer sentiment. Long periods of downtime lead to OR cause gamers to look elsewhere for entertainment.

Zumidian understands only too well the highly competitive and risky nature of the online gaming business. That is why Zumidian is faced with the task of continuously selecting the best quality infrastructure partners to ensure their customers receive the best hosting services available in the world.

Zumidian clients include Exit Games, Paradox Interactive, Smilegate West, Six Foot, and Reto Moto, to name but a few.

Nicolas Zumbiehl, Zumidian’s CEO, knows how to help gaming clients avoid unnecessary capital investments and minimize the risk of downtime. All this is possible with a reliable cloud hosting platform and dedicated server provisioning service.

Zumidian’s main objective is to provide infrastructure and services that are available 24/7 to customers worldwide.

One of Zumidian’s clients is the Danish game publisher Reto Moto. It is known for Heroes & Generals WWII, a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter set in WW2, in which Germany, the United States, and the Soviet Union fight for victory in one grand ongoing online war fought by many players across the world. (

Reto Moto joined the Zumidian family of customers in 2015 and has since relied on Zumidian to maintain the availability of its game 24/7.

During the last Gamescom conference, I met with Reto Moto CEO Jean-Marc Broyer, who told me he wanted to cut costs for their current infrastructure. Jean-Marc said that the solutions they use are too expensive, outdated, and the service is provided by three different vendors. He was looking for a new vendor but was worried that his company had no resources and experience necessary to migrate from one service to another. They also couldn’t afford even a short downtime.

Nicolas Zumbiehl

CEO of Zumidian

Nicolas explained that Zumidian would not only help with the migration but would also find a new suitable global partner. The optimal solution was Gcore, which had connectivity ideal for gaming, reasonable pricing, and the highest uptime standards.

Hosting requirements:

  • Availability of servers in North and South America, Western Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania
  • Very competitive prices
  • Excellent network connectivity
  • No disruption during the migration from one service to another

Seamless Migration from Three Previous Vendors to Gcore

We relied on Zumidian to handle our migration from different hosting providers to Gcore. The key success factors were to save costs and ensure that there was no disruption of our game or as little as possible. Zumidian and Gcore helped us save over 40 % of our hosting costs while getting brand new hardware and handled the whole migration with only a 4h disruption of the game during a planned maintenance window.

Jean-Marc Broyer

CEO of Reto Moto

The Result

  • Services migrated from the infrastructure of three vendors to a single vendor without affecting business
  • Infrastructure costs reduced by 40%
  • Hardware modernized and of higher quality

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