9 new points of presence for our CDN

In 2021, we launched several dozen new points of presence. And we don’t plan on stopping in the new year.

Let’s talk about the new locations that we opened last quarter.

CDN in Southeast Asia

Most of the new locations are in the south of Asia. We launched points of presence in four cities:

  • Manila (Philippines)
  • Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
  • Kathmandu (Nepal)

More than half of the world’s internet users live in Asia. And the Philippines and Vietnam are among the top 20 countries with the highest number of internet users. This is why it is very important to have good coverage in this region.

Thanks to the new locations, our clients’ services have become closer to millions of end users.

9 new points of presence for our CDN
Gcore CDN coverage map—Southeast Asia

CDN in the Middle East

We opened two more points of presence in the Middle East—Sana’a (Yemen) and Kuwait (Kuwait).

More than 4 million people use the internet in Kuwait. Yemen has almost 8 million internet users. The new locations will allow our clients to deliver content to this audience even faster.

9 new points of presence for our CDN
Gcore CDN coverage map—Middle East

CDN in Africa

We continue to increase our presence on the continent. New locations have been launched in Luanda (Angola) and Lagos (Nigeria).

9 new points of presence for our CDN
Gcore CDN coverage map—Africa

Only 11.5% of internet users live in Africa. But this share is growing. Nigeria is already the 6th largest internet user in the world. And more and more international companies are coming to Africa. That’s why the new location in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, is very important for us and many of our clients.

You can find out about all relevant points of presence, features, and plans of our CDN on the service page.

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