Gcore and jsDelivr—free CDN for open-source developers

Gcore and jsDelivr—free CDN for open-source developers

We’ve partnered with jsDelivr—a project that provides free CDN services to open-source developers worldwide. We are very proud of this collaboration because it allows us to use our networking capacity to support the global open-source community and its thousands of projects and developers.

jsDelivr: what it is and how it works

jsDelivr is one of the world’s most popular free CDNs for open-source projects. Open-source developers can use this CDN without any traffic limitations. jsDelivr provides high-quality service with excellent coverage. They support modern protocols and serve web files directly from the npm registry and GitHub repositories.

The network is built using the resources and networks of several CDN partners. jsDelivr has a smart load balancer that determines the optimal content delivery path. When a user requests a file, the algorithm selects a suitable CDN and routes the user to the best available CDN provider to download the requested file.

jsDelivr is a free open-source solution for anyone who creates other open and free solutions. Open-source projects like these are a driving force for progress. They create new technologies regardless of financial issues.

Non-commercial projects need free networking to deliver content to users and make their products more available. And jsDelivr gives them the opportunity.

Why we decided to support jsDelivr

To us, cooperation with jsDelivr is a chance to contribute to the development of new technologies and the Internet speed-up.

Gcore’s mission is to make the Internet a faster, safer, and more reliable environment. We aim to achieve this by creating a first-class infrastructure that allows our clients to store, protect, and deliver their content efficiently.

For this reason, Gcore is going to provide jsDelivr with global network capacity and will extend its multi-CDN system. With this addition all jsDelivr users will benefit from a better and faster network, especially in regions that are poorly covered by existing CDN providers.

We understand that true innovations come from an environment free from any financial constraints and commercial demands. That’s why Gcore opts for supporting technological projects that make the world a better place.

Kubernetes, Terraform, Prometheus, and Mozilla Firefox are all open-source code technologies. Apart from these, there are plenty of other useful and inspiring developments. And we use some of these in our own infrastructure.

Together with jsDelivr, we help projects like these develop more actively. We are very proud of contributing to a highly developed technological future.

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