New high-volume connection in Amsterdam

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New high-volume connection in Amsterdam

We are now connected to a 100 GE Asteroid Internet exchange point (IXP) in Amsterdam—one of the most efficient and modern IXPs on the market.

New high-volume connection in Amsterdam

Our high quality services require low latency, high availability and lightning fast speeds. This 100 GE connection will allow to handle large amounts of peering traffic, not only expanding interconnectivity options in Amsterdam, but also improving redundancy and speed for our customers.

Asteroid, a global interconnection platform innovator, operates its IXP from Amsterdam Science Park—one of the largest Internet hubs in Europe.

New high-volume connection in Amsterdam

The Asteroid solution sets a new standard for IXPs through its highly scalable, automated, and efficient design. Automation is the future, and Asteroid is leading the industry in that regard. Its game-changing IXP provides a modern, cost-effective way to peer with some of the largest networks in the world. Among the Asteroid participants are Internet service providers, content providers, hosting companies, carriers, DNS operators, non-profit organisations, and social networks.

With this new connection, we expand our peering and connectivity base to provide the shortest and most resilient paths between the content servers and the end customers.

Our driving factor for peering is increasing capacity and performance. Peering on multiple IXPs for redundancy while keeping the costs reasonably low is what Asteroid helps us achieve.

Jens Osterloh

Network Architect at Gcore

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