8 new PoPs of our Edge Network in Africa, Western Asia, and the Americas

8 new PoPs of our Edge Network in Africa, Western Asia, and the Americas

We continue to build out our global Edge Network. Over the past three months, we’ve expanded our presence in Africa, Western Asia, and North and South America. Internet audiences in these regions are constantly growing, making them attractive for both global and local web services. Learn more about Gcore’s new points of presence, their hardware configuration, and how they can help you provide users with the best possible service performance.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt has long attracted the attention of our customers.

The number of Internet users has constantly increased in the country: From 2021 to 2022 alone it grew by 1.4 million. According to statistics, there were 75 million users in January 2022. To provide our customers with access to this audience with minimal latency, we opened a new PoP in Egypt.

We delivered new servers to our partner’s data center, Telecom Egypt. The hardware is now located in Egypt’s largest international data center facility, the Regional Data Hub (RDH). It is the first data center in the country to receive the Uptime Institute’s certifications in the Design, Constructed Facility, and Operational Sustainability categories, which is granted Tier III certification.

As a result, we significantly improved our Edge Network latency in the region.

Manama, Bahrain

We established one more new PoP in Manama, Bahrain.

Why did we decide to set up a PoP here? The answer is simple: at the beginning of 2022, internet penetration was 99.9% of Bahrain’s total population, which means there were 1.75 million users as of January this year. To give our customers better access to this audience, we opened a new PoP here.

For this purpose, we teamed up with the local provider Zain Bahrain.

We noticed that Zain users are the ones that generate the largest volume of traffic through our network in Bahrain. That’s why we decided that Zain’s data center in Manama was the perfect location for our hardware.

The new PoP has significantly reduced Edge Network latency in Manama and throughout Bahrain.

Quito, Ecuador

Another new PoP is located in Quito, Ecuador.

Latin America is one of the most challenging regions in the world regarding network infrastructure. For this reason, we’ve strengthened our presence in Ecuador with a second PoP in Quito. We opened our first point of presence in this city in 2021, but it would be wrong to leave it at that: the number of Internet users in Ecuador increased by 33% between 2021 and 2022. In January 2022, there were 13.6 million users!

To open the second PoP, we contacted our partner Telconet and provided the company with new hardware. The equipment is now located in Quito’s data center, and the country’s traffic is distributed through Telconet’s network. Let’s see the result:

Tripoli, Libya

We must provide good network services for our customers to ensure their users have the best possible service performance. This rule also applies to hard-to-reach locations, especially with high Internet activity. So, we’ve chosen Tripoli, Libya, as one of our new locations.

3.4 million people in the country had Internet access in January 2022, and that number is rapidly growing. From 2021 to 2022, there was an increase of 10% or 320,000 users. We’re confident that this value will continue to grow steadily, and we want our customers to take advantage of working in this fast-growing market.

To open our PoP here, we partnered with The Libyan International Telecom Company (LITC). We supplied the new partner with our hardware. Now the traffic in the country is distributed through LITC’s network. Here’s the outcome of that partnership:

Cape Town, South Africa

One more new Edge Network PoP is in Cape Town, South Africa.

South Africa is a vast and fast-growing market. Between 2021 and 2022, the number of Internet users in the country increased by nearly 500,000; by January 2022, that number of total users was more than 41 million. To give our customers access to this market, we opened Edge Network’s first PoP in South Africa in December of this year.

We placed the following hardware in the data center of our partner NAPAfrica in Cape Town. As a result, latency in the country has significantly decreased.

Seattle, USA

It is obvious why the US market is so essential for our users. It is a country with more than 300 million of the most demanding Internet users. That is why we provide the best quality of our services in different parts of the United States. For this reason, we opened our second PoP in Seattle in November.

To open this PoP, we contacted our partner SIX and provided the company with new hardware. The equipment is now located in a Seattle data center. Here’s the result:

Denver, USA

Denver, Colorado is another place so attractive to our users that we decided to open one more new PoP in this region.

We have delivered new servers to the data center of our partner CoreSite.

Let’s take a look at how latency dropped:

Dubai, UAE

Dubai became one of the last locations where we opened a new PoP this year.

The United Arab Emirates is a country with one of the highest levels of Internet penetration. In January 2022, there were 9.94 million Internet users in the UAE, which was 99% of the total population at the beginning of 2022. Not surprisingly, this location is desirable for our users, so we decided to open an additional PoP of Edge Network here.

We placed all the hardware in the data center of our partner UAE-IX in Dubai. As a result, we have significantly reduced the delay across the UAE.

Go global faster with Gcore Edge Network

We constantly work on making Edge Network more useful for the customers. Our infrastructure has no borders: we are developing it worldwide, including Africa, Latin America, Western Asia, and other regions. And we won’t stop there! Stay tuned, we will continue to tell you about new PoPs.

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