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New Gcore Cloud region: Ashburn

The first Gcore Cloud location was launched in November 2019 in Luxembourg.

Now you can scale your IT infrastructure and accelerate the processes of developing, testing, and launching new products on the market using the new Cloud point of presence in Ashburn.

New Gcore Cloud region: Ashburn
Gcore Cloud control panel

“The new Cloud point of presence in Ashburn is wonderful news for all customers who plan to develop their businesses globally. Thanks to the cloud clusters in the data centers in Luxembourg, and Ashburn, we are now ready to provide the minimum response time for web services in Europe, and the USA.”

Head of Gcore Cloud

Vsevolod Vayner

Which features are already available?

Build a virtual machine within a few minutes from your control panel: select your operating system, region, and hardware configuration, then configure the network and firewall.

Use ready images or import your own. Connect app templates from the catalogue. Take snapshots for data disaster recovery.

Create virtual cloud networks and set up private clusters for computing or application isolation.

Manage loads with the help of balancers.

Make the machine learning process faster and cheaper with the help of an AI platform.

Transparent cost planning

Manage resources effectively while distributing them between projects (cost centers). A detailed breakdown on how resources are used for each project is available.

You will find the prices for virtual machines on the pricing page. From there, you can even configure the cloud for your needs before signing up for the service.

New Gcore Cloud region: Ashburn
Virtual machine configurator

Nearest development plans

Soon we’ll add the automatic deployment of Kubernetes clusters for container orchestration. We’ll also start selling bare-metal servers.

New Gcore Cloud region: Ashburn

Deploy your projects using the Gcore Cloud to grow faster and cheaper.

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