The fastest CDN in Italy

After the network optimization of our CDN PoP in Italy the response time has been reduced to 36 ms.

It is the best result among all CDN providers operating there.

The fastest CDN in Italy
Response time in Milan by the median (50th percentile) in February—March 2019

First-class content delivery network performance in Europe

Milan is not the first point of the European segment of our content delivery network where Gcore is ahead of all CDN operators in terms of speed.

The fastest CDN in Italy
European segment of Gcore’s CDN

Recently we wrote about the excellent performance of CDN from Gcore in France, Scandinavia and the Baltics, Czech Republic and Austria.

We were able to achieve better performance in each of these countries, thanks to a well-designed network architecture, choosing the best data centers and peering partners.

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We have updated our tariff plans and added a new FREE plan. Sign up for it and use 100 GB per month completely free.

The fastest CDN in Italy

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